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Excerpt-”Hear Me Roar!”

“All Men are Jerks!”

(NIV) Proverbs 16:18, “Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.”–God

Continuing the excerpt series, the following is found in Chapter 2 of Finding Your Soul Mate, God’s Way. It’s about a comment, or a statement from a 40-something, attractive young lady who attended our class one time with about 100 people in attendance.  Obviously she had been hurt in a previous relationship, built a wall around her heart and wanted to be heard!  And I said, “Go for it! We’re all ears!”

Here’s her statement: “All Men Are Jerks!!! Then, she sat down, fuming, trying to gather her composure.

What do you do at this point in a large class of singles? Go on with the lesson and over-look her hurt and frustration? Absolutely not. We were going to deal with it and see who else in the class had hurts that still affected their lives. We dove right into this subject and suspended the rest of the lesson.

I made the statement—For Ladies Only—”OK, ladies, I’m going to write your feelings on the white board. Let’s continue, All Men Are What?”  Here’s the ladies’ replies:

“1. All men are manipulators  2. All men are Deceivers   3. All men are dead beats   4. All men are liars

5. All men are Lustful.” Ouch! These ladies were being heard! The tension in the room was as thick as a foggy night in Houston…

Equal Time 

I went back to the white board and said, “OK Men, your turn. Same Question: All Women Are?” I could almost hear the men sharpening their swords and putting on their armor. What came from them was absolutely unexpected. “All women are:

1. Necessary  2. Beautiful   3. Tender   4. Caring   5. Loving”. The room went absolutely silent. Even men with a warrior spirit need to find their compassion for women and at that moment, praise God, they found it.

The tension in the room was turned into an “Ah Hah Moment!” Walls around hearts were torn down, anger subsided and the ladies gave the men a standing ovation! I never thought that I would experience this with women or with men. Random acts of kindness can turn tension to wisdom… Read the rest in Chapter 2…

Author: Ron Mumford  March 10, 2014  12:22 pm

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