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Excerpts, Chapter 10–”Vaporized!”

I Love you, Sam! Smiles, Sara…

(LB) Proverbs 4:23,”Above all else, guard your affections. For they influence everything else in your life.

A simple blog cannot describe the pure, deep, love, intimacy and tragedy of this true story. It is one of the most powerful chapters in the book, Finding Your Soul Mate, God’s Way. I hope you will buy or borrow the book and read it. It’s the story of Sam and Sara, a recently widowed mother of two who lost her own soul mate of 30 years in a tragic car accident. Sara was beautiful. Sam was her new friend and confident.

They met in church when Sara needed more than human sympathy to repair her broken heart. Sam knew that the only man Sara needed in her life was Jesus. Yet after months of closeness, friendship and finding a better way, Sara told Sam, “I love you, Sam…Smiles, Sara” She wrote it in his Bible at church, then gave him a little red porcelain heart and said, “I’m giving you my heart, Sam. Please take care of it for me…” Sam’s heart melted and he began loving her that moment. He bought her a Bible and she called every morning to tell Sam her verse of the day. She had such a unique way of underlining certain words, putting them together and telling Sam that they were God’s Letter to her. She was healing…


“Choosing My Chocolate!”

 After months of physical recovery—Sara was also involved in the car wreck that killed her husband—and after she got a large settlement from the lawsuit, she began getting the advice of some of her closest girl friends. They told Sara that she should go out and “choose her chocolate!” She hadn’t dated since high school where she met and married her soul mate; a good, hardworking man and provider. She had never been with another man. She was a great wife, loving mother and wonderful homemaker for her family of four. She was also very honest.

Sara told Sam about the advice from her girlfriends then blurted out, “I’m going on a three week trip to spend a week with a man in Miami, then a week with a man in the Florida Keys, then a week with a man in Boston. Each one has expressed an interest in me.”

Sam, a Rambo-esque, 9’9″ bullet-proof man with a warrior spirit, felt blind-sided! His own heart was vaporized. No pieces to glue back together with rambo glue and go forward with his life. Sara had crossed the line that no man can ignore, the line of infidelity! He lost his faith, gave up his teaching position at church and wanted nothing to do with organized religion. He was mad at Sara, mad at himself and he was really mad at God. But, the story of Sam & Sara doesn’t end here…

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Author: Ron Mumford  May 5, 2014  10:00 am

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