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Pick Up, God Calling!

God Never Speaks to Me! 

Heaven is for real. This is the author’s testimony…When I was a 10 year old, innocent little boy who had professed Christ as my Savior a year earlier, I was walking home from school on a beautiful spring day, alone. Suddenly, I got goose bumps and was immediately engulfed in a bright, fleshy-colored mist. It scared me. I couldn’t see anything around me. The fear left when I experienced, felt and saw—words cannot describe it—hundreds of broken, golden threads of love streaming down diagonally and completely consuming my entire little body. For a few, brief moments, I truly believed that I was breathing the air of heaven…I didn’t care about school, family, little league baseball, I just didn’t want whatever it was to leave.

Then I heard, felt, saw and experienced these words: “You’re here for a reason.” And it was gone.

I ran home and told my Mom about what had happened and she said, “Ron, you’ve got such an imagination…” I began to think I had just dreamed this up, but I kept remembering that wonderful feeling…


Kam Duc: Four Words Saved My Life

Fast forward 14 years. I had stopped going to church and pretty much told God, “Thanks, I’ll take it from here…” I was in Vietnam, 9’9″, fouled mouthed and bullet proof. I volunteered for a Top Secret mission that took me to an eerie place called Kam Duc. When I set foot on this place I had a bad feeling that I had made a big mistake, a sixth sense…

Over the next three days, I lived in a hole with 4 other soldiers that I had known and completed the mission. I should have left, but, there was going to be a big battle and I wanted to be in it. I continued to stay. Late on the 5th day, I was standing elbow to elbow with my friends when it happened again—the “cocoon thing”—and I heard only four words: “Leave this place now!” The words were not soft and gentle as before when I was 10 and I didn’t feel or see the love. The words were a command.

Like a zombie, I left and obeyed the command. Later that night, the attack happened. I was told that the first mortar round landed directly on the hole where I was staying with the four other guys. Three were killed instantly and the fourth was badly mangled. Details are in the story in the book.

Just remember, when we pray, that is us talking to God. God talks to us through His Word, the Bible, through quiet times and by hearing sermons at church. Sometimes He talks to us by circumstance. This was my “God Thing” and no one can convince me that God does not talk to us. If He hadn’t, I would be dead and gone. You will hear His voice when He wants to talk to you. “Be still and listen.”

Has God ever spoken to you? If so, tell me about it by emailing me at He will direct you to life, peace, love, joy and even to your soul mate, if you take the time to hear His voice.

Author: Ron Mumford  June 30, 2014  10:36 am

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