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Top 5 Series – Male Soul Mate

Top 5 Traits for a Male Soul Mate

Ephesians 5:1–” Follow God’s example in everything you do…” This is where men can see exactly what God wants them to be. It is a list. Ladies, throw away your list of soul mate traits and try using God’s. It’s your choice.

1. He is a Christian man that walks his talk.  Ask him where he goes to church, ask him if he is active in church and works in some type of ministry. Ask him if he reads the Bible, favorite verses and what his pastor’s name is. Just saying he is a Christian is not enough. See if he walks his talk.


2. He speaks with a clean tongue, upbeat, encouraging.  Does he tell lots of dirty jokes or uses course language? If so, he’s not on a very straight and narrow path. Cursing shows lack of patience and a limited vocabulary.


3. Is he a greedy person? Does he worship the good things in life more than the Lord? Does he balance his life with works, deeds and spends quality time with friends and family? If he does not have that balance, sooner or later, he will shove you into that “when I have time” category.


4. Is he wise and makes the most of every opportunity for doing good? Is he a good provider and works hard for you and his family. Is he responsible to God and to you?


5. Does he have addictions? The Bible says, “Do not drink too much wine, for many evils lie along that path…”  It also applies to drugs, laziness and cavorting with many partners. Find a man that will say and mean, “You are the apple of my eye, there is no other!”


Two Lists

In a recent class that I taught, I asked each person in the room to do two things: First write a list of traits that they wanted in a soul mate as long as they wanted that list to be. Second, write a prayer to God asking him to send you His perfect person for you.

After the exercise was over, I asked them to tear one of their lists up and put it in the garbage can. I always wondered who kept their prayer and who kept their list…

Send your questions to: Finding Your Soul Mate, God’s Way website is Have a wonderful week! Tell me which list you would have kept. Be Honest!

Author: Ron Mumford  August 4, 2014  10:30 am

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