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My Valentine, My Soul Mate

A Love Story 

(An excerpt from the book, Finding Your Soul Mate, God’s Way) Randy & Emily’s Story:

Randy’s version:  ”Emily and I would have never met had we not first, separately, accepted Jesus Christ as our personal saviors. Emily claims that I had begged a friend to introduce us. I think it was more like saying hello to someone who had simply forgotten that she had already met me…OK, fine, Emily. The connection between Emily and I was finally made. One half of the pair smitten (me) and the other half not even the least bit curious. My pursuit of Emily had begun! Love and romance was my quest.

“It was as if He was directing my pursuit. He was telling me that He would not allow me to become involved in the life of this beautiful Christian lady unless I was spiritually grounded to the point of being ready to receive her. I had some work to do the year Emily and I met. But, I couldn’t get her out of my mind. She was the one I would marry. I just knew that in my heart…”

Emily’s Version: “When Randy and I met, the Lord had an amazing plan that only He could carry out and it’s pretty cool that He gets all the credit. I was not really interested in dating anyone seriously at the time. I had my heels dug in! I was 31 years old, very independent and happy with the way things were going in my life.  Randy pursued me for a long time. I even dropped the “F” bomb on him telling him I just wanted to be friends.  He wrote me little notes, helped me with carrying my books in college, and just showed up at the right times. We did become friends, Best Friends. Finally, there was something in Randy that attracted me to him and we have been blessed ever since.

 “To this day, Randy and I tell everyone that we married our best friend!!  That’s our story and we’re still sticking to it. May your life be blessed like ours has been…Randy & Emily.”

My Valentine is My Soul Mate

 Who but your soul mate could really be your valentine? Who but your valentine could really by your soul mate? And, have you ever wondered if there is a little angelic cherub named Cupid? I’m a romantic, I do believe there is a Cupid that flies around shooting little arrows of love into the hearts of those who can love. What do you think? There is a heaven-sent soul mate just for you. Not a perfect person, just a perfect person for you. Draw a little target on your heart and be patient while Cupid takes aim! Happy Valentine’s Day to all that love!

Author: Ron Mumford  February 10, 2014  3:02 pm

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