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A Woman is a Rose, A Man is a Tree

A Woman, A Rose!

(LB) 1 Corinthians 11:7B, “God’s glory is man made in His image, and a man’s glory is the woman.” 

Of all the chapters in the book, this one is the most beautiful. I prayed for God to help me describe a woman and her importance to her soul mate. Immediately, a rose popped into mind–the most beautiful, most fragrant of all the flower and today’s symbol of love.

If you have ever grown roses and watched them develop, it is just like describing the life of a woman, its growth, development, its beauty. First signs of a rose is the little shoot that begins to form, like a little girl in the womb of her mother. Then a bud appears, like the birth. Then it begins to open, yielding such a pleasant fragrance as a young women in her teens and her early years–so innocent, and beauty that words cannot describe. As a woman matures, the petals open to full brilliance in its maturity. Then, in golden years, the petals begin to fade and drop off as unto the end of life. Yet the memory of the rose lingers… So soft, so fragile but handle with care; there are thorns to be respected…

The Bible says that a good woman is more precious than rubies–all the rubies in the world. Have you ever met a woman that some describe as a free spirit? All women should be a free spirit kind of woman. God gave women special traits He did not give to men so that men and women should fit perfectly together. Being and using those free spirit traits is what attracts the right man to you. And, remember, there are six different types of beauty listed in the book, not just physical appearance.


A Man, A Tree!

“Never make someone a priority in your life when you are just an option in theirs…”  Mark Twain

In John & Staci Eldredge’s books Wild at Heart, the soul and spirit of a man and Captivating, the soul and spirit of a woman, they mentioned what men need in their lives and what women need in their lives…”Men need a battle to fight, Women want to be won by their knights in shining armor. Men have a longing for adventure, Women want to be an irreplaceable element in a great adventure. Men need a beauty to rescue, Women want to unveil their beauty to one man and be rescued by him.”

Unlike the beauty, poise and fragrance of a rose, men are more like trees that are complimented by a rose. Men must start small, push through the earth’s crust, emerge and survive from a small sprout and fight their way to grow tall enough to reach the life-giving sun light that is above. To accomplish this, men must have a warrior spirit to fight, to provide and to offer protection for their surroundings.

To men, God gave strength and there are seven types of strength. To woman, God gave beauty. All traits given to both males and females come from God. Since men are a masculine gender as God the Father is, (LB) Exodus 15:3 states, “The Lord is a warrior–Jehovah is His name.”

When strength, beauty and God are all mixed together it forms a perfect union between a man and a woman. And “No man can put asunder.” Since summer is here, grow some roses and go hug a tree, you’ll be glad you did.  (

Author: Ron Mumford  June 2, 2014  10:44 am

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